Profession of croupier. Secrets of training and requirements for a casino dealer

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croupier and chips

The work of the casino can not be imagined without a roulette dealer, who announces the closing of bets with a pleasant voice, and effectively throws a ball on the wheel. And what is the fascinating process of shuffling a card deck with the dexterous hands of croupier! Always accurate and clear action employees gambling establishments are able to charm gamblers as much as the gambling. Dealer – a rare profession that requires a person a large set of skills and abilities. This is not taught at university, but a special atmosphere in the workplace and a decent salary is worth taking a closer look at this work and perhaps devote your life to it.

History of the profession

When at the end of the XVIII century Blaise Pascal invented roulette, and Cardinal Mazarini actively promoted it to the masses, the dealers as we are used to seeing them, did not yet exist. Later in Britain, this was the name given to the people who stood behind the novice player and helped him to sort out the rules.

In the distant past, British clandestine casinos hired staff for a special task. During the raid they had to swallow all the dice that are in the gambling house, so that the authorities can not prove the fact of playing dice for money.

In the twentieth century, the global entertainment industry was rapidly growing, the number of institutions in Europe and the United States. This has led to the need for qualified personnel who could serve players at the highest level. It is Americans have created a special culture of gambling entertainment and the gold standard of the profession of gaming dealer.

Poker and croupier

Who and where teaches croupier professions

Modern casinos have sufficient resources to train their staff independently. It’s worth starting your career in casinos by looking for ads for croupier courses. Since they are satisfied with the employers themselves, you can count on subsequent employment under a contract, which is usually concluded for a year with a subsequent extension.

different chips in casinos

During the study, future dealers will not only learn the rules of all gambling, but also learn how to shuffle cards effectively.

At the preliminary interview the manager of the institution will conduct an extended interview. The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • preferred age 21-25 years, height 160-190 cm, no criminal record;
  • experience at the casino, knowledge of the rules of major games;
  • knowledge of one or more languages to communicate with foreigners;
  • a minimum knowledge of mathematics for the calculation of points;
  • no tattoos, no visible scars or obvious defects on exposed body parts;
  • tidy and attractive appearance.

Undoubted qualities of the future casino staff should be punctuality, attentiveness, stress resistance, the ability to easily contact people.

After a successful interview, the applicant will be offered to join the group training. In various institutions, it takes from 1 to 3 months, and the daily load can take from 2 to 8 hours. At the end of the course there is an exam. Some casinos practice a daily mini-test to monitor the progress of knowledge.

Basic requirements for dealers

Upon completion of vocational training, the person usually receives a job offer. At first the croupier has to observe the process more, get used to the atmosphere, style and pace of the institution. Most often newcomers are put on morning shifts or days with few visitors. Without experience at the table it is quite difficult to stand for a long time, to keep cool and not make a mistake. At this stage, the dealer gets all the necessary practical skills under the supervision of an experienced colleague, and after another check becomes a full representative of the profession.

woman croupier

Besides deep knowledge of the gameplay and the rules of the institution dealers are obliged to observe a strict dress code. As they say, they are met by clothing. The main requirements for the appearance of women-croupier are as follows:

  • loose hair, minimal hair styling;
  • French manicure or red nail polish;
  • quality make-up, preference for red or pink lipstick;
  • classic black shoes with 5 cm heel.

An experienced croupier at an American casino gives a master class on roulette service for a group of beginners.

As for male employees, they must meet the following requirements:

  • short haircut or long hair collected in a ponytail;
  • a clean shaved face or a well-groomed beard;
  • a neat manicure and well-groomed hands;
  • elegant shoes, pure black.

Work uniform is given at the time of employment, it may include a shirt and vest, tie or butterfly, dress or skirt with a corset. The suit should always be in perfect condition, clean and ironed.

The shape of the croupier has no pockets, which reduces the temptation to take a couple of chips off the table. Sometimes the croupier is joked, calling them psychologists with sewn pockets.

There are also restrictions about jewelry that can be worn at work. The rule that applies to all dealers – no more than one ring on the hand. It is allowed a few accessories without religious subjects, no bright and large jewelry items.

The schedule of work in the casino is no different from other areas. An employee can choose 21 shifts of 8 hours or 14 shifts with a 12-hour working day. The gaming session at each table lasts from 20-30 minutes to several hours, and the dealer can stand on blackjack, roulette and poker in one go. There is time for rest, so the opinion that to stand on your feet will be all 8 or 12 hours shift, far from reality. In some casinos, croupiers even have time to take a nap in a special room during the break.

How the dealer works

During work, the casino employee can perform several functions, the simplest of which is to be a chip. Such an employee collects chips in stacks of 20 pieces (stacks) and helps croupier on roulette. A wider range of tasks are performed by the dealer himself:

  • puts the chips in different varieties;
  • triggers the roulette wheel and the ball;
  • announces the winning numbers;
  • accepts bets;
  • shuffles and hands out cards;
  • clarifies the rules of the game;
  • hands out the winnings;
  • follows the rules of the game club.

For shuffling cards in modern establishments there are special employees, the so-called shufflers. However, if the hands are not enough, or a colleague is ill, the croupier should also be able to properly interfere with cards.

poker and chips

The dealer must be able to prepare the cardboard correctly and quickly for the next handout.

If there are a large number of clients, there may be an inspector or chief at the table, besides the dealer. He makes sure that players do not change cards in poker or toss chips on the table with a roulette after the betting is announced. If, however, the croupier is distracted and the embarrassment has occurred, the guards can always raise the security footage. By the way, experienced staff in one day can work on three processes at once – chipper, dealer and inspector.

As for the deception of the casino and the croupier was a great joke Einstein, admitting that he invented a strategy of winning at roulette. According to him, you just have to wait until the dealer distracted, grab chips from the table, and run where the eyes are looking.

The pros and cons of the profession

The prospect of career advancement for the dealer is the post of manager of the institution. On this place will not take people from outside, but rather choose a candidate from the team. To this position grow up those who have devoted many years to the casino, knows all the nuances, rules and laws of the gambling process and gambling business in general.

Work croupier draws in the imagination of the romantic image of the hero, who gets incredible earnings. So how is it really? In the U.S. casino is paid by the hour – the rate depends on the level of the institution and is 5-11 dollars, ie, up to $ 130 per shift, or about $ 2000 per month. Tipping is more interesting. Although they are usually divided into the entire shift of dealers, one person still comes out of $ 10 per hour. For a standard working month in the U.S. gaming halls can count on 2.5-3 thousand dollars.

Chips on the gaming table can not just rake, using the chip method. Among the first tests of the dealer-pupil check for speed tokens collection by color.

As for the former Soviet Union countries, wages start at $500-700 per month, and this also excludes tips. Satisfied with the service or winnings customers usually leave a “thank you money” croupier. More often this can be expected from foreigners. That is why knowledge of English and other languages can seriously affect your income.

The average earnings of casino dealers in different countries

casino poker chips
  • Baltic States 700-1200
  • Western Europe 1500-7000
  • Eastern Europe, EU countries 700-1500
  • USA 2000-5000

In addition, serious institutions are developing a bonus system. Employees are evaluated on a number of indicators, including, for example, appearance, the number of sessions won, the presence of errors. According to the results for a month you can increase your income by 25-50%. To keep dealers in tone there is also a system of fines. Those who are late for work or have made a minor mistake in the game will receive the minimum penalty. The situation is much more serious with a serious mistake, which the employee has hidden and tried to cover his tracks. Here it can come to “bridge” – depriving an employee of his monthly bonus.

The Internet is also full of offers to work abroad, often in European clubs of not very high class. Companies offer full training, preparation of documents and contracts for the period from 2-3 months to six months. Income will reach 1000 euros.

Chipping chips in the casino

Casinos are often visited by wealthy people who, influenced by adrenaline and festive moods, are ready to leave a good tip.

Undersea stones in the croupier profession

The main disadvantage of the profession is that players psychologically see the croupier as an opponent who is guilty of losing. Although in reality on the other side of the table, a person only does his job, and can not affect the mathematical laws by which random numbers fall, or favor fortune to a particular player.

For example, Jamal, a member of Triagrutrica, used to work as a croupier at a casino when he was a student. He doesn’t have particularly positive memories of this work: “There were all kinds of things at the casino. Visitors fought with guards, beat each other, threw an ashtray at the croupier and did not watch their language”.

A master class in card deck handling

A dealer is an interesting job with a decent salary. Anyone can learn this profession, it is enough to know mathematics, good memory and desire to communicate with people. Before you step on the doorstep of the casino, think about whether you can smile at the visitors every day, despite personal problems, and whether you can withstand the flow of threats from losers in the ashes of players. On the other hand, a good tip from satisfied customers also won’t keep you waiting long.